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I have made every effort to tell these stories with as little embellishment or sanitization as I can. It is my intent to give a complete picture of the events as we experienced them. Some people may find them unsuitable or even obscene. If you are one; I apologize and encourage you not to read them, but instead click here

Some stories or parts of them reflect well on the troopers mentioned. Other parts may paint a very unflattering view of those same troopers or others. It has never been my intent to make any of the troopers either a hero or a villain. I hope that you don't try to make that judgment either. Bear in mind, that most were young and susceptible to making mistakes. I've come to realize that deadly mistakes will always be a part of the combat infantryman's lot. 

These stories have all been written 30+ years after the events. Like many others involved, most of those 30 years were spent forgetting. In recalling the events, some of the details have become jumbled but my brothers who were there also, read these pages and often add clarification. I always welcome these, and update the stories to reflect their recollections too. If you find changes in the stories, that is why. The accurate rendition of events is also hindered by the fact that official record keeping by the Army was terrible and many times, 30 year old recollections by a couple of troopers who were there is more accurate than the 'official' record. This really precludes checking against the written records, and using them as the last word.

Ed Boysun  12-20-2003

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