1927 S.P. Gleaner

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This Fordson Tractor / Gleaner combo was purchased my my Wife's Grand-father and Great-Uncle in 1927. It was mounted on their Fordson tractor that was purchased the year before.

Serial number plate on thresher. '27 being the year of manufacture & 476 denoting the number made.

Right Rear view

Left rear view

A dent in the pneumatic unloader tube.

Left Side view

Front view. Loose pieces in the header are of unknown origon

Close-up front view

Left Front view. Expansion tank is not standard issue, but rather an attempt to repair damage to the radiator due to an errant .22 cal. bullet meant for a rabbit

Close up frontal view.

Inside of the "doghouse"

Another angle of the "doghouse"

Sickle drive mechanism

Pitman setting loosely on machine.

I was unable to find a Serial number, as such for the tractor. Latest patent date gives some indication of age.

Another view of the rear of the gas tank and controls for the tractor.

Left view of rear part of the engine

Left view of the front part of the engine.

Right view of tractor. Exhaust parts missing from minifold.

Closer view of the damaged radiator

Spare Radiator that seems to be in much better condition.

A spare Fordson.